The Mini Bamboo Spoon Set Lets You Take Small Bites and Savor Favorites

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: ferseverse.bigcartel & sweet-station
If you know someone who always wanted to feel like a giant, the Mini Bamboo Spoon Set will be the perfect gift. After all, who wouldn't feel gargantuan holding a spoon that's approximately the length of a thumb?

The Mini Bamboo Spoon Set is a handmade collection of three spoons that are 8cm, 9.2cm and 10.7cm respectively. Two of the spoons are flat while another is rounded in case users are consuming liquidy substances. Two of the spoons are also adorned with red dots, which amplifies the eating utensils' overall cuteness. Ferse Verse, the manufacturer, recommends people use the Mini Bamboo Spoon Set to eat desserts such as ice cream.

Implications - With technological gadgets becoming increasingly smaller, corporations outside tech industries are reflecting this miniaturization of products by fashioning tinier goods. Companies trying to convey themselves as ahead of the times may similarly consider producing wares at a reduced sized to invoke technological progression.