This Unique Player Will Let You Control Playlists with Your Mind

 - Feb 1, 2014
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Online playlists are great and all, but they can’t give you the experience you’re thinking of; that’s what a mind-controlled player is for. Cloud streaming has become the new norm for listening to music on-the-go, and this new experiment will be the next step in their evolution.

Online playlists can fit a mood very well. Apps like Songza have made an entire business out of being able to accurately build playlists off of the mood of its users. These playlists are accurate but they’re not spot on. This new mind-controlled music player will fill that leftover section in.

Researches at the University of Malta have created a music player that will allow users to use Spotify with their brain. All users have to do is look at flickering boxes on the screen, completely hands free.