The Amazing Mind Flex Plays With Your Brain

 - Jun 2, 2010
References: hammacher & gizmodiva
Telekinesis would be my superpower of choice and thanks to Mattel's new game Mind Flex, we can all practice mind over matter. Mind Flex uses your focused brain waves to maneuver a ball through an obstacle course. Brain waves are measured by a headband with two earlobe clips which detect theta wave activity. By concentrating, the Mind Flex headband sends a signal to a fan, which speeds up or slows down to control the altitude of a foam ball.

A knob on the front of the Mind Flex board allows you to turn the game to move the ball through hoops, teeter-totters, baskets and chutes. You can interchange the obstacles for a different course each time. Mind Flex includes nine total obstacles and can be purchased for about $100. A superhero cape and mask are sold separately.