Midcenturian Tarot Reimagines Tradition with a Modernist Eye

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: madamclara & indiegogo
The Midcenturian Tarot deck designed by Madam Clara reinterprets the traditional Rider-Waite tarot -- the ubiquitous deck that remains to be the cornerstone of every fortune-teller's arsenal -- and updates the illustration style with the bold spirit, vivid colors and simplified shapes of mid-century modern design.

Tarot readers schooled in the iconic the Rider-Waite will readily find that every significant symbol and color has been adapted in each of the 78 card designs. Even traditionally dark cards like Death, The Tower and The Devil have a whimsical brightness that take the taboo stigma of the occult to a friendlier place.

All of the Midcenturian Tarot card designs in this unique deck feature big, bold numerals and titles that occupy nearly a third of the composition, allowing for a quick read.