This Powerful Microwave Camera Can See Through Walls

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: betaboston & fastcoexist
A team of researchers at MIT designed a new microwave camera that has the ability to see through walls. Although microwave imagers are nothing new, these devices are often large and expensive. This miniature microwave imager provides a new way to use existing technology.

The new microwave camera used microwave flashes to illuminate the surrounding environment. Although these flashes are far weaker than a conventional microwave oven, the use of multiple flashes at once allows the camera to stitch together images from different spots. The resulting pictures recover the 2D depth, brightness and multi-spectral response of whatever object is being photographed. Although the images are difficult to decipher, the power of the camera allows users to look beyond solid objects such as walls and debris.

The small and portable microwave camera could be used in the near future by rescue workers or archaeologists looking for hidden artifacts.