Art by Willard Wigan

 - Jul 31, 2007
References: chipchick
Art is created to be viewed. It can evoke inspiration, creativity, confusion or wonder.

But what about eye strain? UK artist Willard Wigan has created art sculptures so tiny, the naked eye can't fully appreciate them. Llyod's of London has insured the collection for 11.2 million pounds.

The tools behind his fine technique includes surgical blades which he uses to engrave fine details into figures made of rice, grains of sand and sugar. The final piece is then attached to a pinhead for display.

"For color, he uses a hair plucked from a dead fly," explains ChipChick. "Some of his work include a Malcom X figure on the head of a toothpick, a Santa Claus, Muhammad Ali, The Thinker, and Elvis Presley on a pinhead. Polly Pocket of the 90's has got nothing on this guy,"

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