This Michael Knap 'Table and Rug' is Arctic-Inspired

Furniture design is often conceptualized in terms of either single pieces or large sets, but this Michael Knap 'Table and Rug' is intended to function as a dynamic duo.

Knap explains on his Behance page that his design is inspired by the countless icebergs that drift through the cold, dark waters of the Arctic Ocean. The white table with its sharp angles and all white color-scheme is indeed reminiscent of an iceberg and this semblance is made all the more acute when one views it atop the black rug made to resemble northern waters.

The rug is made from a felt-like material and so provides just as much comfort as it does style. Though the table is small and eccentrically shaped, it has more than enough surface area to actually serve as a table. In short, Knap's design incorporates function into form.