The Michael Bauer HSOP - 1973 Series is Less Chaotic than It Appears

 - May 16, 2012
References: lisa-cooley & coolhunting
The Michael Bauer HSOP - 1973 exhibit, on display at the Lisa Cooley Gallery in New York City, is a collection of abstract portraiture that appears to be haphazard and chaotic while still possessing underlying commonalities throughout the series.

The name of the exhibit is vaguely referential of the Hudson River School style of painting in that each of the pieces in the collection has either a shoe, or a shoe-shaped object, present somewhere. Another common thread noticeable throughout the work are the circular etchings found in the corners of each piece. The artist intentionally included these elements to make the paintings appear to look like playing cards in a deck This symbolizes the way that each piece unfolds uniquely but is still representative of a larger, common theme.