Mexican Newspaper Mas Por Mas Prints Out on Bathroom Paper Towels

 - May 29, 2014
References: maspormas & psfk
A Mexican newspaper is going about their marketing in an inventive, if not a little intrusive way. It's true that there are people who read the newspaper in the bathroom, but typically those people do this in their own home and the newspaper is delivered to their front door, not through a paper towel dispenser -- Mexico is a bit different.

Mas Por Mas is a free Mexican publication that rose to prominence incredibly quickly. While it's difficult to debate the fact that the magazine industry is slowly fading out, it's not too hard to debate that they're getting increasingly creative with their distribution methods.

The news is also printed out on the paper towel, rather than on actual print paper, so if all you want to do is wipe your hands you can do that.