Metamorphosis by Thomas Straub for Swarovski Covers the Body in Jewels

'Metamorphosis' by Thomas Straub features the extravagant jewels of Swarovski placed as ornaments covering one's entire torso and masking the face. Though slightly odd in concept, Straub's shots are visually stunning.

The first picture depicts vine-like flowers wrapped around the model's body all the way up to her mouth. The flower petals are blossomed arbitrarily around the torso and at the model's mouth. Each petal has a significant amount of jewels encrusted within it, and the overall look definitely exudes a mutation vibe. The second picture encompasses a net of jewels covering half of the model's face and moving around the back of her head as well. Both pictures make the women look as if they are majestic creatures -- definitely not from Earth -- and present the Swarovski diamonds beautifully.