Prohibited Fashion Creates Hip Casual Looks for Men

 - Oct 18, 2011
References: prohibitedfashion
Prohibited Fashion is an emerging label of ultra-cool, monochromatic men’s casualwear that incorporates the kind of modern tailored details that are so popular in current menswear. The line focuses on plunging V-necks with draping, ruching, and asymmetrical elements. Many of the tops also feature tailoring made with crisp, directional lines, and patterns of bold contrasts.

Where Prohibited Fashion differs from other similar collections is in the line’s fit and color choices. While similar brands have kept their styles ill-fitting and slouchy with neutral color palettes for a look that is more asexual in concept, Prohibited’s range manages to suture the draping details with tighter fitting garments for an overall look that is harder, sexier, and more masculine.

Although the line has its own fair share of classic black and whites, it also ventures off into what seems to be forgotten territory by so many other men’s labels and offers several of its styles in color choices that don’t only fall on the greyscale.

Prohibited Fashion is available in select boutiques across Europe, but the brand has also opened its own online shop on its website ensuring that anyone can have a piece of this unique label.