The Meggings are Coming Back to Add Autumn Flair

 - Jul 17, 2009
References: guardian
Leggings are making a come back (again) this Autumn, which we all know, but Meggings?

That wasn't a typo. Meggings are male leggings--why can’t they share our love for leggings? Plus, those super tight skinny jeans must be pretty tight around that area, at least with leggings there is some "give," if not even more emphasis on that zone!

They’ve been about for a while with Calvin Klein and Marni in 2007, but more recently and to the public eye, Russell Brand has been seen sporting them.

But can men pull them off? Or can only Bowie in Labyrinth and the males on the catwalk do it? Maybe we’ll find out this autumn…

It’s a interesting subject, you either love them or hate them. I love them.