Megaweave by Dunja Weber is Chic

 - Dec 4, 2011
References: dunjaweber & contemporist
The Megaweave by Dunja Weber is a stunning stool steeped in tradition and fused with contemporary design. It takes an average basket weave design and spices it up by using a rather unique material and creating a lot of negative space, which is often considered a no-no when weaving. The tighter the weave the better since that always signaled a sturdy and watertight creation.

Instead, Megaweave by Dunja Weber utilizes the basket weave design for a purely aesthetic reason. This outdoor seat is made out of wrought iron bars, which ensures that it will be sturdy no matter what. As for being watertight, the metal itself is waterproof, and since it is not carrying anything but the weight of the sitter, that is not an issue.