The Meg Jannott 'US Presidents' Tumblr Redesigns Past Politicians

The Meg Jannott 'US Presidents' Tumblr rebrands these famous political faces for the 21st century. The Tumblr was conceived by Detroit-based designer Meg Jannott, who felt it would push herself creatively if she spent 44 days creating designs for the 44 Presidents of the United States. Finding each of the political leaders different from the next, the project yielded some very contrasting results.

Jannott's rebrands consist of altering the vintage photographs and providing them with a typographical treatment that consists of their names, slogans/quotes and nicknames. Seeing the entirety of the all past presidents together shows just how multifaceted the history of America is.

So far, Jannott completed Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and Zachary Taylor to name a few. Yet, as the 44 days are not up the Meg Jannott 'US Presidents' Tumblr is definitely a project to check out.