The Typographic Bookshelf Describes a Method for Arranging Your Reads

 - Dec 14, 2013
References: meb-rure
If all of the furnishings within your home have come off of some conveyor belt, you might be missing a bit of personality in your decor. The Meb Rure Typographic Bookshelf will certainly serve to engage you with its pair of words that have been included playfully in the design.

The wall-mounted storage system has three distinctive ledges on which you can organize your hardcovers and paperbacks. The form of it steps down to the right side, establishing an asymmetry and added visual intrigue. Most notably, the shelving unit features letters that have been built into its white-finished form. These spell out "Has been read," and "Will be read." The Typographic Bookshelf encourages you to arrange your volumes in such a way that invites you to gradually tackle your whole collection.