The Measuring Tape Belt Tells All of the Width of Your Waist

 - Jun 8, 2011
References: nedhardy & bookofjoe
Inquiring about someone's weight or pants size is a bit of a taboo, but for those who are proud of their bodies just as they are, the Measuring Tape Belt is a sincere accessory that tells it like it is.

No amount of tag manipulation or uncomfortable wardrobe downsizing will keep people from discovering the width of your middle, since it will be clearly mark around the top of your slacks. This wearable tape measure is thick enough to act as a supportive strap, and narrow enough to fit through the standard loops of your trousers' waist. The circumference of your stomach is calculated in clearly marked metric units rather than the imprecise notch system. If indicating the increments larger and smaller than your size wasn't precise enough, the Measuring Tape Belt has a small window in its metal buckle that exposes the breadth of your belly.