The mChip Provides Healthcare Results in Minutes

 - Aug 10, 2011
References: & springwise
The mChip is a phenomenally innovative piece of technology that could very well shape healthcare needs in 21st century. mChip empowers the user by allowing them to test themselves for HIV and receiving the objective results in fifteen minutes.

The mChip drastically cuts the waiting time that is standard when it comes to analyzing blood samples and receiving results. The mChip only requires a small drop of blood in order to provide results. This is a piece of health tech that could have drastic implications.

Implications - Consumers are looking towards technology to empower themselves in new ways. The mChip capitalizes on this impulse by placing the power in the user's hands by removing the need for medical tests. The DIY movement is strong not only in the arts industry, but in the medical industry and a variety of others as well.