450 HP Mazda Furai

 - Jan 4, 2008
References: autoracingdaily
The 450 HP Mazda Furai concept car is one slick ride.

One look at the body's design, and it's pretty clear this sportsvcar was built for speed. The stunner is yet another exciting automotive design to be revealed at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit later this month. The leaked photos show that the Furai concept is a relative of the Nagare concept, yet looks as thought it will beat it in terms of performance.

"The Furai is based on the Courage C65 platform that underpinned Mazda's entrant into ALMS racing two years ago," Auto Racing Daily wrote.

"Power for the Furai is sourced from an three-rotor engine â€" that runs on E100 Ethanol â€" and develops 450 horsepower."

This is one hot car, and by the looks of the body's design, this Furai concept knows it. Is it just me, or does the car look like it's giving a deviously cocky smile?