These Mayan Asertec Insurance Broker Ads Predict Damage to Your Property

 - Jan 10, 2012
References: iconicbrand & adsoftheworld
According to the ancient Mesoamerican civilization, in December of 2012 the fourth epoch of man will have ended. This prehistoric prophecy may trouble few modern people, but these Mayan Asertec Insurance Broker ads acknowledge the predicted downfall of our society -- insofar as it leads to clever marketing.

Insurance companies thrive amidst the uncertainty of anxious times, when the fear of lost or damaged assets is stemmed from a rocky economy or the threat of natural disasters. The Iconic advertising agency of Quito, Ecuador, created two prints which reference the Mayan forecast and address the likelihood of at least some calamity in the coming year.

The visual strategy employed in the Mayan Asertec Insurance Broker campaign integrates Mesoamerican textiles with contemporary illustration. In each ad, a decorated elder looks on as a modern house burns down and a car runs over a rock.