Lipstick Sculptor May Sum is Now Offering Bespoke Carvings

In partnership with Very First To, May Sum is releasing a second collection of tiny sculptures made from lipstick, this time inspired by flowers.

Sum just finished her Asia Lipstick Sculpture Exhibition Tour, which showed off her impressive miniature busts of contemporary female icons like Lady Gaga, Anna Wintour, Princess Diana and Twiggy. Sum is able to work in an incredible amount of details with her sculptures and it's no wonder that she's revered as a "Lipstick Sculptor."

As well as some intricate floral-inspired carvings that are being offered for $925 on Very First To, Sum is also offering people the chance to order a bespoke lipstick sculpture of someone. Priced at $875, it's a surprisingly better deal than one of the floral lipstick carvings, although both would make absolutely phenomenal gifts.