The Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks Store Food Safely

 - Dec 18, 2012
References: amazon & 7gadgets
The safest and most convenient way to store all of your vegetables is to keep them in the Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks.

These cloth bags hang from your wall, saving you counter and cupboard space, while keeping all your vegetables within sight and within reach. On each side of the sacks is a drawstring that keeps out all light, yet still gives you easy access to the contents within. This works to prolong the lifespan of each vegetable, slowing down any sprouting and rotting processes. Choose from various colors and sack lengths, so you know which one is holding onions, which one is holding carrots and which one is holding potatoes for example.

The Mastrad Vegetable Keep Sacks are convenient storage and can easily be washed in the laundry machine.