$40,000 Marvin Alexander Chairs Fit for Modern Royalty

 - Feb 1, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
References: bornrich.org
Always dreamed of being a king or queen and lavishly showing off your fancy palatial decor? These cut crystal armchairs by Marvin Alexander Inc might just help fulfill that fantasy.

For a mere $39,000, these 19th-century English upholstered crystal armchairs can give your abode the opulent edge that will make your friends look at you with utter envy.

Implications - Luxury has been taken to new heights with ultra-opulent, excessive products that serve indulgence exclusively, without thought of function or logic. This may be a result of the end of the credit crunch, with over-zealous consumers looking to spend some cash after a long period of ration, deprivation and strict spending rules.