These Martyna Galla Images Feature Thoughtful, Morose Models

 - Mar 7, 2011
References: photodonuts
Fashion photography can sometimes convey a whole lot more than mere aesthetic stylings, and in that spirit, these Martyna Galla images have the patience to explore some slightly, more reserved subject matter.

With pensive models poised in contemplative poses, this collection of Martyna Galla images highlight the 18 year-old artist's abillity to blend the serious and the whimsical into a photo shoot that will appeal to both fashion connoisseurs and photography gurus alike.

Although only 18, Martyna Galla shoots with the control and composure of an artist twice her age -- something that is especially apparent in the lack of overt, hyper-sexualization that characterizes her style. The truest sign of a great fashion photographer is when they can create captivating images without relying on cheap tricks, and in that respect, Martyna Galla is a master ahead of her time.