The Martin Aircraft P12 Jetpack May Be Available Just One Year From Now

 - Oct 2, 2013
References: gizmodo & likecool
The Martin Aircraft P12 Jetpack is the culmination of thrilling action movie scenes and the exciting dreams of kids (and grown-up kids) everywhere. Believe it or not, the market-ready model might be just a year away from reality.

But by mid-2014, you won't be zipping around the planet quite yet. The upcoming version will apparently reach speeds of just 46 miles per hour to start. With a completely full gas tank, the hovercraft can take you on a spin for 30 minutes. Perhaps it will soon become a convenient commuter vehicle.

The New Zealand company will be selling their futuristic product for a steep $200,000; however, the Martin Aircraft P12 Jetpack will only be available for field testing by the police and other emergency responders in its first generation.

Photo Credits: TechCrunch | Geeky Gadgets