The Abu Dhabi Plaza by Martha Schwartz Partners Exudes Modernity

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: marthaschwartz & dezeen
Surrounding this Abu Dhabi central plaza is stunning landscape architecture by Martha Schwartz Partners. The firm went with a teardrop theme for most of the greenery surrounding the area, creating a naturalistic look to the entire design.

Looking down from an aerial view, it's clear that Martha Schwartz Partners embodied this teardrop design in almost all of the landscaping done around the Abu Dhabi plaza. Greenery with a few colorful plants strewn here and there help add some color to the design, but for the most part it's quite simplistic in terms of tone. Apparently the plants chosen were used because of their durability and resilience. Because of this, the landscape will require less maintenance over the years, which will save money in the long run.