Martell & Pinel Pinel Trunk Holds an Entire Bar in One Place

 - Jun 30, 2011
References: the-martell-trunk.martell & overhours
In case you can't have your own bar built into your home, the Martell & Pinel Pinel Trunk will do just as good of a job holding anything alcohol related.

There's quite a few alcohol compartments on the market, but the Martell & Pinel Pinel Trunk is by far the classiest one I've seen. The cognac company teamed up with Frédéric Pinel for this exclusive chest that's a perfect fit for the brandy-swirling gentleman in you. There are several compartments that hold liquor, glass, cigar cutters, ashtrays and all the fine things in life that the rich and famous love to indulge in. Scared that someone may break in and steal some items? No problem, there's a lock right out front that will keep everything safe and secure.