Andrew Sztein Reveals Waterloo Labs’ Recreation of Mario Kart in Real

 - Feb 1, 2013
Mario Kart in real life is a dream come true for many Nintendo fans. The guys at Waterloo Labs stopped wishing and made it a reality with the help of a Wi-Fi network and a complex RFID system.

Each go-kart, fitted with its own unique RFID chip, can signal to the other go-karts as to what weapons are used and what sorts of power-up effects should follow after picking up an item (e.g. sudden braking or full throttle ability).

The result is pure awesomeness, and Andrew Sztein, a fellow Trend Hunter, is a fan. Andrew is a gamer at heart. From the old-school days of NES to the new-school era of the PS3, Andrew has played them all. Come join him as he shares his thoughts on real-life video games, what inspires him and what he does to simply kick back and unwind. Hint: it involves beer and hockey.