The Marcos Minuchin 'The Secret Life of Toys' Series is Playful

The Marcos Minuchin 'The Secret Life of Toys' series plays with your emotions. The ongoing project was started by Argentinean photographer Marcos Minuchin back in 2007. Minuchin uses the toys to create critical statement about modern culture. From the set design to the lighting, Minuchin is photographing the toys as if they were humans.

As he describes on his website, "[the] photographs are a reaction to the fake visual culture we live in today, with all types of realities: video games, Photoshop, wrestling matches and 'reality' TV." These strong statements are shown in a way that is more lighthearted, yet very honest because of the use of toys.

Minuchin's captures comment on very topical subject matter, such as the 'Recession Army Series' that has unemployed Star Wars characters feeling the economic issues of the Galactic Empire.