Marcel Meyer Creates Spooky Animated Gifs

 - Feb 24, 2012
References: & mymodernmet
Marcel Meyer's photo series deals with sullen scenes that appear to be taken straight out of a child's nightmare. They are made even more eerie because each still has been given an animated gif makeover. Sections of the photographs move as though by magic. For instance, in one the lights flicker frighteningly while in another, a bush rustles mysteriously.

Aptly titled 'My Favorite Childhood Nightmares,' Marcel Meyer's project centers around a boy in an adorable pajama onesie, which contrasts hugely with the dark and somber settings. Not quite nighttime, the settings of the images are filled with gray skies and quiet backdrops that leech the warmth right out of the cinemagraphs.

Based in Germany, Marcel Meyer recently graduated from FH-Mainz University.