The Mangake and Mangaka Doorhandles are Anime-Inspired

 - Jan 11, 2012
References: yankodesign
Fans of anime are going to instantly recognize the inspiration behind the Mangake and Mangaka doorhandles. The Mangake and Mangaka doorhandles were created by Indian designer Sanchit Gupta and were inspired by the over-sized eyes common of Japanese anime characters.

Anime characters commonly have larger-than-life proportions, with the eyes being especially huge. The Mangake and Mangaka doorhandles are designed to look more or less like the eyes of anime boys and girls with their large and sweeping lines. Anime has inspired a lot of things, but this may be the first time that its reach has extended to the field of design. Designers are constantly searching for new sources of inspiration, and anime could be the next well of inspiration tapped by modern designers.