The 'Man Bath vs Woman Bath' Infographic is Extremely Accurate

 - Sep 14, 2011
References: ginva & blog.premierevanities
If you share a bathroom with a spouse, partner, or roommate of the opposite sex, take a look at the 'Man Bath vs Woman Bath' Infographic. The informative photos take readers through what men and women want and don't want in their bathrooms, and how the results differ between the sexes -- the answers are surprising.

According to the Man Bath vs Woman Bath Infographic, men have an average of 6-10 personal care items, while women apparently have 437. Also, the most irritating bathroom issues for a woman are when the toilet seat is left up and toothpaste in the sink, while men can't stand when towels end up covered in makeup. Fair enough.

Now that readers are better informed, here's hoping for some peace between you and your partner in terms of bathroom issues.