McAfee Releases Riskiest Search Keywords to Watch Out For

 - May 28, 2009
References: us.mcafee
In an excellent report from McAfee, they identify numerous search keywords that are highly popular with Internet users, which are used to embed malware of various sorts on your computers.

Unsurprisingly, the terms used are among the most popular terms people use to search for information. Surprisingly, one that wasn’t included among the top of the categories was the very popular ‘Viagra,’ although 1.6 percent of searches were infected.

The report covers a lot of individual companies and even names names of some of the more notorious websites that lead to malware.

As far as categories go, the leading ones leading to malware were Screensavers 59.1% 34.4%; Free Games 24.7% 6.8%; Work From Home 15.6% 3.1%; Rihanna 12.6% 2.4%; Webkinz 11.4% 1.9%; Powerball 9.3% 1.5%; iPhone 7.9% 1.2%; Jonas Brothers 7.9% 1.2%; Twilight 6.8% 0.9%;Barack Obama 6.2% 0.7%; Taxes 4.9% 0.4%; and Viagra 1.6% 0.1%.

Also included in the report is a country-by-country breakdown of the worst violators.

A quick note: Just because I included photos to enhance the story doesn’t imply those are actual places that malware infections are located.