The Malgosia Bela Vogue Paris Shoot is Revealing

The Malgosia Bela Vogue Paris editorial is definitely a breath of fresh air compared to editorials that only focus on the superficial.

Photographer Katja Rawhles captures Malgosia Bela as she is put in a series of humorous, yet very honest, situations. In one photo she is seen injecting botox into her own face and in another she is sipping a drink with enormous diamonds taking the place of her eyes.

Rather than emphasizing the importance of the exterior, Malgosia Bela Vogue Paris editorial makes fun of the many things that go on behind the scenes of the rich and beautiful.

Implications - Modern consumers want to see designs that are intellectually stimulating. No longer interested in products that only aesthetically please, shoppers are becoming more aware of the social issues surrounding them. Creating more items with a gritty subject matter could draw in more customers.