The Latest in Male Shoe Fashion?

 - Apr 13, 2008
References: timesonline
High heels for men are here and women the world over are rejoicing and... Wait, you call these high heels? I mean, I don't expect to see 6 inch stilettos on men's shoes to become wildly successful. But who knows.

The Times notes, "If short men could all be magically made 5ft 8in (the male average in Britain), how many, hand on heart, would turn it down? Which is why sales of high-heeled shoes for men seem to be, erm, on the rise. The news from Selfridges is that day-to-day footwear styles have risen from a standard 1.5cm heel to a loftier 5cm version. Dior had 6.5cm heels last season but that, it seems, is deemed too vertiginous. The bestsellers are Jeffrey West's Decadent and Dandy collection, priced from £220. But do they really offer “improved posture, better trouser line and feelings of increased power and security”?"