The Sandstone Diagnostics 'Trak' Device Analyzes Male Fertility

 - Sep 21, 2016
References: trakfertility & statnews
The Sandstone Diagnostics 'Trak' device is a male fertility test that looks to offer a comprehensive approach to fertility. Women are often targeted when it comes to fertility given that they are the ones that will conceive and later give birth. However, fertility issues can exist with the woman, the man or both, so the Sandstone Diagnostics 'Trak' looks to help analyze sperm to test for infertility.

The Sandstone Diagnostics 'Trak' device works as a centrifuge for semen; the test sample is placed inside and the device goes to work analyzing it. When completed, the device syncs with a smartphone to provide detailed readings on the male fertility test to let couples know if there's a problem or if there's a change in sperm density.