Makoto Azuma's Astroturf Chair is Luxurious and Lawnlike

Cooped up in the office all day and want to see some sunshine? Now you can bring a little bit of nature into the office!

Makoto Azuma's AstroTurf chair is the perfect solution for sun-seeking workaholics. Now busy businessmen can lounge on a lawn all afternoon while still completing paperwork. How is it possible, you ask? Makoto Azuma's AstroTurf chair was designed in collaboration with furniture maker Herman Miller. Azuma's botany design skills combined with Miller's knowledge of structural seating gave birth to the Aeron AstroTurf chair! This office chair is fully functional with wheels and adjustable supports, and is completely covered in cushiony AstroTurf.

Take a seat in this lawnlike lounger for the ultimate outdoor experience while indoors! Makoto Azuma's AstroTurf chair will take you there!