Mailbooks for Good Encourages People to Share Their Old Books

 - May 14, 2013
References: mailbooksforgood & designtaxi
Mailbooks For Good is an educational business model which encourages people to share their old books with people who can’t afford new ones. The inventive idea allows people to turn the cover of their special book inside out once they are finished reading it. The cover transforms into a pre-paid postable parcel, which is posted back to the charity and onto the next reader.

Mailbooks for Good is only available in bookstores in Sydney, but here’s hoping this incredible and worthwhile charity gains popularity and spreads around the world. On its informative website, the charity states: "When you share a book, you’re sharing more than just pages of paper and ink. You’re sharing the opportunity to learn, discover and feel cared for."

This is an excellent example of a simple idea that benefits many people.