Never Lose Your MagSafe 2 Converter with This Sleek Keychain Attachment

If you love Apple's newest MagSafe 2 power cord but continue to spend money on your lost MagSafe 2 adapters, then fear no more, this MagSafe 2 converter key chain ensures that you won't lose your important computer connections ever again.

When Apple released a thinner, lighter design of its MagSafe power cord last year, brand faithfuls and newbies rejoiced. But with great progress comes compromise, and this means that for many a finger-tip-sized MagSafe 2 converter is necessary for older laptop models to use this new power product.

Although helpful, the MagSafe 2 adapter is a small, fragile piece of technology that tends to get lost during the everyday hustle. By using the power of magnetic traction, the easy-to-carry MagSafe 2 converter key chain is a simple and subtle way to keep hold of power-providing tools while on the go.