‘Magic Tate Ball’ Presents You With Artwork Relevan

 - May 15, 2012
References: tate.org.uk
The ‘Magic Tate Ball’ is an app compatible with iPhones and Nokia where given just a shake, it connects your current frame of life to different pieces of artwork. It is perfect for those who have a hard time relating to art unless it is directly in line with their life, and also for art junkies who would love a daily portrait fix.

An app developed by ‘Tate,’ it harnesses the power of GPS technology, amalgamating different factors like the time, location, weather and background noise level to bring you artwork that is relevant to your surroundings. The gallery is comprised of artists ranging from Picasso to Monet to Matisse.

Anybody who wants to become better versed artistically can download this app from the Apple App Store or Nokia OVI Store.