Theron Humphrey Releases Book for His Famous Coonhound Maddie on Things

 - May 14, 2013
References: twitter & joannagoddard.blogspot
Search Maddie on Things you’ll get about 85,000 search results on Google. Yup, that’s how famous this pooch is. The rescued coonhound is owned by photographer Theron Humphrey and has an aptitude for being photographed and particularly for balancing on things.

The book features images from the two companions on a road trip together over the last year and shows Maddie perched precariously on tree stumps over dramatic hills, curled up asleep in her owner's guitar case and hilariously yawning as she sits at a diner and a waiter pours a jug of coffee.

With pictures and settings this good, it’s easy to see why Maddie is so famous in the Internet world. The book, simply entitled ‘Maddie on Things,’ wryly claims to be a ‘super serious project about dogs and physics.’