The Madame Figaro May 2012 Jovovich Photoshoot is Modeled After Monroe

The Madame Figaro May 2012 Milla Jovovich editorial mimics the looks of American icon Marilyn Monroe. Monroe has been coveted for her many talents, inclusive of modeling, acting and singing. Her personal life has also become a matter of public discussion, sparking films and documentaries on the celebrity's life.

This photoshoot was orchestrated by the talented German director Ellen von Unwerth. Unwerth has been idolized in her industry for her artistic vision, consistently releasing intricate snapshots of complex subjects. She has done it again here, only with an old Hollywood vibe.

Jovovich emulates Monroe's classic looks with a short blonde hairdo, deep red lips and large sunglasses. Her jovial interactions with men also coincide with Monroe's character as she was known to engage in flirtatious activity.