This Guide Shows the Devastating Possibilities of Lying on a Resume

It's something of an assumption in the job market that everyone does a little lying on a resume to make themselves seem like a more ideal candidate. However, these assumptions can lead to devastating consequences that can not only result in employee termination, but can also affect someone's future employability too. It may seem like a victimless crime, but if you're lying on a resume, the only victim in the end may be you.

This infographic from Hill & Associates goes through many of the numbers and statistics related to fibbed resumes and the numbers are actually pretty frightening. Even stretched truths and exaggerations such as how 64% of job candidates exaggerate a job verification, can blacklist an employee. If you're lying on your resume, chances are good you won't get away with it either, as 84.1% of organizations have come across false claims on resumes. This infographic could very well be the thing to scare job applicants into a little honesty -- for their own good, of course.