Creates Guerrilla Urinal Installations

 - Aug 23, 2009   Updated: Aug 9 2011
References: luzinterruptus & happyhotelier
Recently, a Madrid-based collective specializing in guerrilla interventionsm, drew attention to public urinating. By installing “Public Toilets” in places they chose with their noses, they're hoping the smell convinces people to stop this antisocial behavior.

Luzinterruptus used 80 urinals like those used in hospitals for the project. They filled them with yellow-colored water and added a small light. The poetic photos above by Gustavo Sanabria give the protest even more power.

Implications - Consumers respond positively to media campaigns that utilize art because they engage consumers cognitively rather than explicitly stating a corporation's desired message. As a publicity stunt, corporations may consider exhibiting some sort of art installation in public spaces to communicate company causes.