The Mad Men Lush Magazine Editorial Reveals a Darker Side

The Mad Men Lush Magazine editorial exposes the darker side of the business world with these retro-inspired looks.

Though the theme of the shoot is dark and mysterious, the clothing is anything but. The sumptuous menswear attire includes suits, bow and neck tie varieties as well as checkered patterns that are all chic and well-tailored styles necessary for any powerful businessman.

Exaggerated eyes with large, defined eyebrows and slicked-back hair make these gentlemen look as corrupt as they are stylish. The use of the neon lighting in contrast with the dark background adds a deceptive and insidious touch to these uncertain characters. The female model lends an added sense of lust and greed as she poses in the background in an emerald green, billowing gown and is seen licking her lips in another.

The Lush Magazine editorial does a fine job at making men's fashion look as luxe as it is devious.