The Lupa Door Handle is Simultaneously Seen and Unseen

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: industrialdesignserved
Secretive people are bound to appreciate the extinction of old door locking systems, which may have succeeded to bar entry but provided peepholes for snoops to witness private activities and conversations. The Lupa Door Handle is an undoubtedly modern version of a handgrip and latch, yet it has been conceived with some of the aforementioned ideas in mind.

There is no way to see through the portal with Guillermo Juarez's design, but the concept behind it intends to play with the user's visibility. Instead of developing a bland-looking handle that blends in with its surroundings, an iconic keyhole shape was chosen to intrigue the eye.

But something is hidden within the Lupa Door Handle, which is the turning and fastening mechanism. Against the panel, the grip pivots 45 degrees to release the latch bolt for a seamless means of egress.