The LumiWatch is a Prototype for a Smart Touchscreen Interface

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: robertxiao & theverge
The LumiWatch is a new prototype from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University that has the potential to drastically improve smartwatch interfaces as they exist today. The clever watch uses an embedded projector to cast a light-based touchscreen interface directly onto the wearer's forearm.

One of the biggest issues with smartwatches is size. Watch screens can only be so big given the available real estate on one's wrist, meaning that any remotely usable interface requires an embarrassingly massive watch — and even those behemoths of tech bling are often too small to do anything practical. With the LumiWatch's projected touchscreen, users can dramatically increase the utility of their smartwatches.

To be sure, the current model is a prototype, but its functions are impressive nonetheless. The researchers have coded in an unlocking function as well as a basic interface for selecting from apps like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Image Credit: Robert Xiao