Lumen Type Uses a Mirror and Liquid to Create Typographic Rainbows

 - Nov 7, 2012
References: ruskhasanov & walyou
Using water droplets, mirrors and reflective light, Ruslan Khasanov created a new dazzling font face referred to as Lumen Type.

The experimental typographer placed drops of water onto the surface of the small circular mirrors. Arranging them in such a way that they would create the outlines of the letters. Khasanov then directed a beam of light on the droplets, which causes them to shimmer and shine like a prism. He directs the light at different angles that form mesmerizing colorful swirls. The result is an ethereal experience for the viewer.

Though the Lumen Type by Ruslan Khasanov may not be a double rainbow, it will surely cause you to be in awe as the visionary typeface dances before your eyes.