Lukas Furlan Uses Digital Photography in Order to Enhance Natural Landscapes

 - Sep 30, 2013
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With vivid colors and beautiful sunsets, Lukas Furlan uses digital photography and fine arts in order to enhance the beauty of mountainous landscapes. Within the photos, bright colors are added to the sky and the structure of the mountains are enhanced so that we can feel as if we are seeing the peaks ourselves.

One of the photos focuses on the sky above the mountains, where small peaks in the distance are highlighted by pinkish tones from the sky above. Clouds float over the black mountains where blues, reds, purples and pinks color the entire sky, creating a picturesque view. Every blade of grass is visible, as the digital quality of the photos is enhanced to create such vivid landscapes.

Lucas Furlan travels to South Tyrol in order to capture what we can’t and sends the pictures our way where they come alive before our eyes.