Lucie Sheridan Creates Her Own Dogs in This Colorful Canine Series

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: cargocollective & dog-milk
Not only do you get wonderfully colorful pictures of canines when you look at these Lucie Sheridan illustrations, but you’re also given a quirky pooch pun. So unless you were born with the inability to experience humor, enjoy these fun fused-dog creations by the talented UK-based illustrator and screen printer.

Each of these wacky Lucie Sheridan renderings features two species of dogs which have been joined at the torso and christened with a new name. For example, the Labrador and the poodle, when conjoined, form the Labradoodle. Other mix-and-mash pup creations include the Schnoodle, the Puggle, the Cockapoo and the Poogle.

Adding to the humor of each piece is the fact that Sheridan doesn’t even bother joining each dog half seamlessly, making the two halves distinct and of separate colors. It’s as though some crazy experiment went wrong.