Joseph Morris Discusses a Future with Personal Fabrication Technology

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: youtube
Formlabs, a company based out of Cambridge, Massachusetts, has designed affordable 3D printers for personal or professional fabrication. The stereo-lithography printer is called FORM 1 and uses a laser to draw upon liquid plastic resin, which hardens it layer by layer until a 3D model is created.

Joseph Morris talks about 3D printing technology, as well as how he resets himself to be creative at the gym. Morris is a video editor and a social media intern at Trend Hunter during the fall and winter from 2012-13.

To learn more about Joseph Morris, also affectionately called "Joe" at the office, you can check out his interview with Trend Hunter on affordable 3D printers and more. He is sure to make you smile and teach you a thing or two about futuristic technologies.